Sarah Palin juxtaposed Jared Loughner.

Repreepresentative Gabrielle Giffords was shot during a targeted rampage

Several media outlets and politically focused bloggers have accused Sarah Palin of putting a "bullseye" on Giffords. "Obviously people are talking about a possible political motive, and one thing people are pointing to is Sarah Palin's 'hit list,' the list of 20 politicians that she targeted with rifle-sights on a website last year" and on that list? Congresswoman Giffords.

Abstract Realism Juxtaposed paintings Sarah Palin juxtaposed Jared Loughner, "Inherently Irresponsible" by San Francisco artist Donald Rizzo

Inherently Irresponsible

Sarah Palin-Loughner

34 x 42

© Donald Rizzo 2006 -2021

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