"Maskamorphic" exploring the psychology of wearing Masks. Whether it be furries, drag queens, or internet trolls we all wear masks, however, the true self, the inner core of our being, lies much deeper. It is the awareness of humility, creativity, compassion, and all the positive attributes one has as well as the ugliness that we have carried and learned from the past. We have a desire to present ourselves the way we wish others to see us. Do we want another to accept us? Do we want someone to be afraid of us? Do we want love? The exploration of self is a trip that is not without its pitfalls. You will explore old haunts and old traumas, however, you will be able to make sense of them and you will finally be able to see how they helped create your personality mask over time.

Most Images have been cropped click to see the full painting

Bare Front 48x36
Horny Devil 36x46
Here Piggy Piggy 52x34
Twisted Trojan 50x38
Chicken Hawk 46x36
Blanching a Bitter Tart 50x36
Cottaging Monkey 50x38
Dirty Pecker 34x50
Baby Big Cocks 50x36

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